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Why Giles needs your help.
January 2013
In 2011, our friend and colleague Giles Duley was injured whilst working as a photographer in Afghanistan. Giles sustained severe injuries after stepping on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) resulting in the loss of both his legs and his left arm.

For two months Giles was in intensive care, almost succumbing to a lung infection, kidney failure and other complications. In the year that followed, Giles underwent nearly thirty operations and spent ten months in hospital. Throughout this time, he determined not just to walk again, but to return to his work. Indeed, his first words upon realising the extent of his injuries were, "I’m still a photographer".

His surgeon, Dr. Hettiaratchy said of Giles, "He is as tough as old boots. His incredible determination to complete all the operations within a year and to get back to as normal a life as possible was really instrumental to his progress."

After leaving hospital Giles moved to full-time rehabilitation with the British military at Headley Court. During that time, Giles’ positive attitude and courage astounded his friends, family, colleagues and the international media, which has covered his story extensively. It is typical of Giles that during this period he gave his time to talk about the work and causes he is so passionate about.

Not only is Giles now walking, but he now lives independently with minimal assistance. He has returned to his work as promised and recently realized his ambition to return to Afghanistan.

However, despite his huge efforts and incredible achievements, Giles needs our help more than ever. As a freelancer, Giles did not benefit from any payouts and has received limited financial aid after his accident. He has self-funded most of his humanitarian work because he felt it was important. It is left to us, his friends, to try and not just improve the quality of his life but also find a way for him to continue the return to the work that we so admire.

To view Giles’ work online please visit his site at gilesduley.com. See also Kate Kellaway's Guardian article 'My friends love the idea of me being half man, half camera' and video footage of Giles at last year's TEDxTalks 'Becoming the Story' .

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